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From 2001 to until their final show in April of 2010, I designed all creatives for The "World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions. In this period of time, I created well over 10,000 individual pieces promoting the nearly 200 performances they produced annually - mostly newspaper ads, but also web ads, handbills, posters, banners, billboards, even a couple of milk cartons. I also designed souvenir merchandise such as posters and t-shirts and DVDs, in-house forms and stationery, press kits, laminates, and oversaw the construction and maintenance of their website.

BELOW: A street poster from their final Dallas, TX performance - 2010.


BELOW: A street poster from a 2008 performance in Dallas, TX.


BELOW: A full-page newspaper ad for our 2005 performance in Dallas, TX.


BELOW: Stationery design for White Stallion Productions, the former producers of The "World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions.


BELOW: Press Kit design, including digital press kit on CD with nearly 100 photos optimized for press and electronic reproduction, logos, press releases, etc...


BELOW: Several souvenir tour programs, their highest selling form of merchandise. Download a high-quality PDF of one here.


BELOW: One of my personal favorite spreads from the programs I've designed, this one featuring scans I made of Head Rider and Trainer Amanda Rossiter's lucky stirrups. That's also Amanda pictured on horseback.


BELOW: My most rewarding experience in my years of working with the Lipizzaner Stallions was my contact with Vito Spadafino. Vito, a veteran of World War II who was present during the 2nd Cavalry's celebrated rescue of these precious horses, was kind enough to share his memories and photos of his experience with me. Vito allowed me to incorporate these photos and recollections into the layout below (which I also redesigned for The Spanish Riding School of Vienna's souvenir tour program in 2005). I hope you are well, Vito, and that life is treating you kindly.


For more samples of text-heavy work, visit the Global Ascent Consulting page here, The Spanish Riding School page here, and the Bangkok Square page here.

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