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My name is Craig Varian and I specialize in Photoshop collages using elements provided to me by artists, clients, promoters and agencies, stuff scavenged and repurposed from the net, or created and / or photographed by myself.


Starting from a technical background in ad design and layout for a newspaper chain in the early 1990's, I have expanded into CD/DVD Packaging, Posters, Handbills, eCards, Web ads, Business Cards, Billboards (Print and Digital), Magazine Advertising, Banners, Newsletters, One-Sheets, T-Shirts, Tour Programs and even a couple of milk cartons (really). And I also built this website.


Most of the paid work I've done is for comics and musicians performing in arenas, theaters and clubs, with a fair amount of logo design and corporate communications thrown in. I also did artwork of a more esoteric nature for my micro-record label (Pimalia) which specialized in obscure recordings from obscure artists around the world - including my own project (400 Lonely Things). Samples of all of these design styles are found throughout my portfolio.


A couple of years ago, I helped start up NS2 and currently do all of their graphic design work, as well as run their website and wrangle poster artists. I do the same for our partners at Frank Productions , CMoore Live, and True Endeavors. This has become a full-time gig and I no longer accept freelance jobs for pay. However, once in a while I will take on a job just for fun. Email me if you've got one of those.


P.S. The term panthan comes from the Martian Tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs (as if you didn't know). Panthans on Mars are wandering warriors who survive by hiring their swords. There is none of the negative connotation of the modern term "mercenary"; it is understood that panthans are honorable soldiers, in general. Pronounce it with a THick "TH".


ABOVE: Artwork by Gino D'Achille.

BELOW: The Panthan logo is based on this famous image below of a hill in Cydonia - a region of Mars - taken by the Viking 1 satellite in 1976

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